What is Crowdmine.it
In normal crowdfunding, you send money to finance a cause or project. Crowdmine.it introduces a new paradigm: projects are funded by the computing power of users’ PCs (or mobile devices). You can support projects using your own CPU (processor), and you can get the Crowdmine Tokens in return (spendable tokens to redeem rewards).
Mining that respects users
Crowdmine.it uses computing resources only with the users’explicit consent,  to support projects that deserve a contribution, for their cultural, environmental, technological importance, or for their social usefulness. Nevertheless, some antiviruses and adblockers may erroneously trigger warnings about this site, if this happens please read our instructions.
Reduced energy consumption
Moreover, compared to mining with specialized hardware, which consumes thousands of watts, in the case of browser mining the energy resources used are modest: using a portion of the power of users’ devices that would be used in any case. The profit is given by the small contributions of individual users, which, together, allow important results.
Crowdmine it!
Currently, the site is in Beta Test, we are working to publish and fund new projects. It is already possible, however, to accumulate crowdmine tokens and to escalate the leaderboard.