Termini e Condizioni

This website uses part of the processing power of your device or computer to automatically generate funds that will go to charity to present projects.
Using the Widget Miner, clicking on the start button, you agree to have your browser mini cryptocurrency to donate it to the project on the page that contains the widget; the more energy is donated, the faster the cryptocurrency is extracted.
In case of non-functioning or malfunctioning of the mining widget, due to software (eg software blocking advertisements like ADBlock) and / or settings of the device you are using, you may need to disable such software and / or change the settings of the device and then update the page that contains the widget to continue. Crowdmine.it can not provide assistance in this regard, it is up to the individual user to solve the problem and there is no liability for Crowdmine.it.
The mining widget within the project pages is activated only by clicking on the “start mining” entry. No mining activity is carried out outside of this situation (no mining “in the background” and without the explicit consent of the user) Crowdmine.it assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to users’ devices due to mining.
The rewards are established automatically (taking into account the date and time of the end of the project) or verifying the actual balance of tokens attributable to the individual user.

In the event of fraudulent data corruption (hacking), the crowdmine.it managers reserve the right to suspend the affected accounts and cancel any initial rewards.
In case of suspension by third parties of the services used by crowdmine.it, you will have to directly compete against these, for any refunds and refunds, and crowdmine.it will not take any responsibility for these events.